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Save money on PLA via our Comparison Shopping Network CSS for Merchants, Marketplaces and Agencies.

Merchants can now enjoy the same quality Google Shopping at a discount using Semtail as their CSS Partner.

In need of Feed management services? Semtail also develops feed management software that can help you out with a smooth transition ang get your Items approved for PLA via CSS.

Css Services

CSS For Merchants

Our CSS Price Comparison Network Shoptail helps big- or small merchants to get high quality just like Google Shopping. Thanks to our expertise in creating custom feed management solutions and Shopping Ad optimization we can deliver high ROI with minimum risk. Contact us for more information and get your PLA listed via CSS now.


Css For Agencies

Do you run an Agency, Marketplace, e-commerce platform or a price comparison website? If you have merchants and want to help then get their hands on the PLA discount via CSS we have the solution for you. Automated solutions with on-boarding, optimization and bid management. Contact us now and find out how you can get better results with our CSS solutions.